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Seeing red

July 25, 2022 Share

Never has an industry been more targeted by a government than New Zealand’s primary sector right now.

The spotlight, within that target for the past five years, falling firmly on agriculture.

This term, Labour no longer needs the blessing of the Greens to enact their ideas.

Nor are they beholden to any other party to pass laws, so they’ve been busy.

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ED wait times soaring

July 18, 2022 Share

Emergency Department wait times are soaring across Taranaki and the Waikato region, with more than one in four people waiting at least six hours for treatment, National’s MP for Taranaki-King Country Barbara Kuriger says

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We can all do our bit

July 11, 2022 Share

An estimated 40% of food produced globally each year is wasted — totalling 2.5 billion tonnes.

New Zealand households account for more than 157,000 tonnes of it.

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Take some of the blame Labour

June 30, 2022 Share

“Families on low incomes are doing it tougher than ever before. They can’t absorb the rising cost of living, and by the end of the week the food runs out. It’s an awful way to live.”


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Barbara's Beat No. 13

June 30, 2022 Share


As regular readers of this newsletter, you will know that I was part of a Speaker’s trip to Europe, from May 19-June 5.
Judith Collins and I were National MPs in the delegation which travelled to Crete, Athens, Brussels, Poland, Italy and Ireland.
Our first stop was Greece where we attended eight memorial events to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle for Crete during World War II.

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Ag holding strong despite major challenges

June 16, 2022 Share

New Zealand is a trading nation. We are respected by the world and the best at what we do.

Despite a pandemic, disruption to global supply chains, rapidly rising inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a lack of RSE workers, our food and fibre exports have outperformed expectations. In fact, by June 30, they will have brought in $52.2 billion in revenue.

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Rural mental health ignored again this Budget

May 25, 2022 Share

The Government was made well aware of mental health concerns for rural communities in a meeting in December last year, this Budget has neglected to do anything to address this crisis, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

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Barbara's Beat No.12

May 23, 2022 Share

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In the firing line

May 09, 2022 Share

As the door closes on public submissions for the Government’s proposed new Arms Regulations — specifically aimed at gun clubs and shooting ranges — I’m shaking my head.

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Road toll raises licensing again

May 03, 2022 Share

ANZAC weekend’s road toll of 11 has prompted renewed calls for greater driver education and the problems with New Zealand’s driver licensing system.

The spotlight, falling again, on young drivers.

Driver education programme, SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) has been available at secondary schools for many years now.

The Community Driver Mentor Programme, promoted by Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) has also been available for a while now in some regions via contracted providers.

But it’s not so easy for all country kids to access.  

Driver licensing is key to keeping rural New Zealand moving.

But it’s so difficult to get one.

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