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Barbara's Beat No. 17

November 08, 2022 Share


We are now just 12 months out from the next General Election.
Since Labour took office in 2017, we’ve been keeping score, and the report card to date shows the failures are far outweighing the successes.
If elected in 2023, our first 100 days will be busy, repealing many of the policies and laws Labour has either put in place or is trying to.
Among the things we will scrap:

  • Three Waters;
  • The proposed merger of Radio New Zealand and Television New Zealand;
  • Fair Pay Agreements;
  • Income Insurance Scheme, which we call a straight ‘jobs tax’
  • The top income tax rate of 39% for income above $180,000;
  • The Clean Car Discount or ‘Ute Tax’;
  • The Plain Language Act;
  • The Bright Line Test extension;
  • Auckland Regional Fuel Tax.

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Government plan threatens industry consensus

October 11, 2022 Share

Today’s farm emissions announcement threatens the industry consensus by failing to recognise New Zealand farmers are already the most carbon efficient in the world.

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Barbara's Beat No. 16

October 07, 2022 Share



Like the rest of the world I was so sad to wake up to the news of Her Majesty’s passing, at the age of 96 after a 70-year-reign, in the early hours of September 9.
She dedicated her life to the service of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and Realms with determination and distinction.
It also reminded me of our shared love of Jersey cows, which my family as dairy farmers have always milked, as well as her very close relationship with Ōtorohanga Jersey breeder Don Ferguson of Ferdon Stud.
She was an extraordinary monarch, the likes of which, we will not see again.

Like the millions world-wide I too say… “Thank you Ma’am".

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Forever at your service

October 06, 2022 Share

‘Continuity’, ‘loss’ and ‘service’ have been at the forefront of adjectives used by both mainstream and social media in recent days.

Globally, due to the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and locally, following the sudden loss of Ōtorohanga retailer extraordinaire Karam Haddad.

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Agricultural emissions MoU a positive step

October 04, 2022 Share

The new memorandum of understanding between the Government and agribusiness leaders as part of the Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions is a step in the right direction, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

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Barbara's Beat No.15

September 15, 2022 Share


I’ve hosted quite a few National MP visitors in Taranaki/King Country during the past month. First up was Leader Christopher Luxon on August 11.

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$100 million cost to another epic fail

September 15, 2022 Share

‘Putting the cart before the horse’ could have been written especially for this Labour Government.

Time and time again over the past five years, they’ve made regulation announcements and set implementation deadlines but failed to put into place any practical process or reasoning behind them.

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Let's measure what matters

September 12, 2022 Share

Governments tend to measure the ‘health’ of their country by their economic growth through GDP (gross domestic product).

GDP is the market value of the final goods and services we produce, minus the costs to make/export them, and after deducting what we’ve spent on imports from other countries — all in a specific time period.

New Zealand is considered to be a highly developed free market economy with a large GDP for our small population. In other words, wealthy, in comparison to many other countries.

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On a road to nowhere

September 12, 2022 Share

Tyre shops in my electorate are flat out these days thanks to the state of our roads.

Bent and buckled wheel rims from blown out tyres, have become part of the daily stock in trade for these businesses. Businesses that normally only see this kind of damage from customers once or twice a month.

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David Parker must delay winter grazing regulations

September 08, 2022 Share

The Government is about to pile up to $100 million of unnecessary compliance costs onto farmers because its freshwater regulations are more than a year overdue, National’s Agriculture spokespeople Barbara Kuriger and Joseph Mooney say.

“Under Environment Minister David Parker’s regulations, farmers must have a certified freshwater farm plan for winter grazing on sloping land. If they do not have a certified plan, they must obtain a resource consent,” Barbara Kuriger says.

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