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Cost of doing business jumps

April 12, 2022 Share

At a time when farmers should be celebrating higher red meat and dairy prices, they like other New Zealanders, are feeling the pinch.

Already facing seasonal challenges, with either too much or no rain, the cost of doing business grows daily under Labour’s watch.

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Predictable delays for meat processing

April 06, 2022 Share

Meat works around the country are struggling to meet demand due to the Government’s failure to keep pace with the vital cog in the supply chain, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.


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Barbara's Beat No.10

March 30, 2022 Share

MP For Taranaki-King Country - National Spokesperson for Agriculture, Biosecurity & Food Safety

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They're living in Fantasyland!

March 28, 2022 Share

In the four and half years Labour has been in power, its MPs have learnt nothing about the country they run.

New Zealand is a food producing country, yet the seasonal nature of agriculture, viticulture and horticulture escapes them.

Nor do they understand the Northern and Southern Hemispheres cycles.

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Finally some answers

March 08, 2022 Share

Late last year I had the opportunity to question the Minister of Agriculture in the House, as you can see I had a lot of questions so it wasn't too surprising that he didn't answer them all then! But I was able to get a few more answers out of O'Connor using Parliamentary Written Questions. 

I thought you may be interested to see his answers:

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Farmers short-changed by Labour yet again

March 02, 2022 Share

Labour needs to explain why it is severely restricting the number of dairy farm workers allowed into the country for no apparent reason, National’s Immigration spokesperson Erica Stanford and Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger say.

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Barbara's Beat No. 9

February 25, 2022 Share



I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2022. National MPs have had a busy time in the first few weeks, not only holding the Government to account over so many issues,  but also setting our direction for the year under our Leader Christopher Luxon.

It is an unsettling time for all New Zealanders. Never before has our country been so divided. As I write, the protest outside Parliament continues, with no end in sight.

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Game on Prime Minister!

February 24, 2022 Share

Sitting in the House on our first day back for 2022, the Prime Minister’s opening speech, made me feel as though I was listening to the Bee Gees classic “It’s Only Words” … on repeat.   

All that came to mind were its lyrics … “It’s only words and words are all I have …”

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A case of quality versus quantity

February 01, 2022 Share

The soaring cost of living is the most common complaint I’m hearing these days.

And with just cause.

Families are being hit in the pocket as every day costs likes food, fuel, utilities and housing costs spiral. Petrol alone has risen a whopping 30.7%.

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Changing up the conversation

January 03, 2022 Share

This year, under new leader Christopher Luxon, my focus will be on restoring confidence among farmers and growers.

Since COVID-19 arrived on our shores in 2020, New Zealand’s primary sector has ensured our economy has remained buoyant and deserves to be recognised for the contribution it has made.

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