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Removing conflict will provide peace of mind

October 26, 2021 Share

The Financial Professional Services Trading Advice Transparency Bill, which was drawn from the ballot last week, will remove an inherent conflict of interest that exists for those providing advice on the trading viability of troubled companies, National’s Barbara Kuriger says.


“Businesspeople, creditors and investors need to be assured any perception that an element of self-interest might exist for those providing professional advice about the viability or future of businesses, such as accounting firms, is removed.

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No MIQ spots for dairy workers

October 22, 2021 Share

“The fact that only two dairy workers have made it past the post and into the country instead of the 200 granted border exceptions by the Government is again a reflection of the shambles of our MIQ system,” says National Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.


“Minister O’Connor is blaming COVID’s Delta strain for lack of numbers making it through. 


“So I find myself reflecting on what I said last week regarding the lack of 50 MIQ spots for qualified vets who are desperately needed and trying to get into New Zealand.

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While we wait for the lights

October 22, 2021 Share

Clear, concise ideas.

Tangible solutions, the Government could pick up and run with right now, to get New Zealand open and back in business.

It’s what National has been working on to get us out of COVID-19/Delta variant grievance mode, while the Government dithers.

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Vets need dedicated MIQ spaces now

October 13, 2021 Share

“An acute shortage of vets could lead to animal welfare issues if the Government does not respond to the New Zealand Veterinary Association.”


National Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says the association contacted her this week after months of lobbying the Government for managed isolation and quarantine spaces (MIQ) to get overseas vets into NZ.


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Rural NZ urged to take the lead

October 12, 2021 Share

National Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger is urging rural Kiwis to get out and get vaccinated, if they haven’t already, on Saturday.


“Many of our rural industry sectors have been devastated by the challenges of COVID-19, especially tourism and hospitality, and there is no end in sight,” she says.

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Labour ignores 15,000 rural New Zealanders

September 24, 2021 Share

By refusing to back a practical change that would lessen the regulatory load on farmers, Labour have shown they remain completely out of touch with rural New Zealand, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger and Local Government spokesperson Christopher Luxon say.


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The human cost of no response

September 22, 2021 Share

The Prime Minister’s ‘Be Kind’ message is obviously struggling to get past Wellington’s 50k boundary and out to Rural New Zealand.

You can tell because, if there was any response from her or her ministers to the concerns Rural NZ has, I’d know. To date, the tally is 0.

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Animal welfare crisis looms as Minister butchers opportunity

September 10, 2021 Share

An animal welfare crisis is looming as Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor fails to pay attention to what’s going on around him, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.


“Last year, during the first Covid lockdown, the Government spent $5.8 million buying 12,000 pig carcasses from overstocked farms and donating them to charity.

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Rural NZ rejecting more regulation from Labour

September 08, 2021 Share

Over 13,000 New Zealanders have told the Government to stop raining regulations on our rural communities, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger and Local Government spokesperson Christopher Luxon say.

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Why the no response Prime Minister?

September 07, 2021 Share

“When some 60,000 people converge on towns and cities around New Zealand, in protest at government proposals and regulations, a response from the Prime Minister is a reasonable expectation.


“Or even one from her ministers,” says National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.

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