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Waka Kotahi heading up the wrong street

July 29, 2021 Share

Waka Kotahi-NZTA is driving in the wrong direction as motorhomes and horse truck owners scramble to meet new modified cab regulations, says National’s Associate Transport spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.

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Words do matter

July 29, 2021 Share

If you know me, you know how fiercely proud I am of being a farmer.

As an MP and National’s spokesperson I move in rural communities constantly and during Parliament’s recent three week recess I visited many more from Timaru to Te Hapua.

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Making zero the hero

July 09, 2021 Share

Yesterday afternoon Barbara Kuriger took part in a special Parliamentary debate to acknowledge the Zero Suicide Aotearoa report released on World Suicide Prevention Day last year.

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New oil and gas permits welcome news

July 09, 2021 Share

National is welcoming the news that two new oil and gas exploration permits have been granted, National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.


“Labour’s banning of offshore exploration in 2018 came without warning and severely undermined industry confidence.


“Such was the shock to confidence that in just three years since the announcement, over 80 per cent of offshore exploration permits have been relinquished.

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Barbara's Beat No.3

July 01, 2021 Share

It was great to see you all at Fieldays! 

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So proud to be rural

June 23, 2021 Share

It was wonderful to be back at Mystery Creek for 2021’s National Agricultural Fieldays after COVID-19 led to a virtual experience last year. 

My congratulations to chief executive Peter Nation and the team on persevering even though COVID scares earlier this year made it feel like a risky proposition. 

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Biting the hand

June 15, 2021 Share

“Be careful.”


That’s the response by National’s Rural Communities spokesperson Barbara Kuriger to Sunday’s unveiling of the Government’s electric vehicle rebate scheme.



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Aspirational vs achievable

June 14, 2021 Share

Wednesday’s final report by the Climate Change Commission challenged the target of 100% renewable electricity by 2030 saying it was more “aspirational” than achievable.


In the 419 pages, dubbed by some as the ‘road map to becoming carbon neutral by 2050’, that goal was lowered to somewhere between 95%-98%.


That’s fortunate as our current level of achievement with renewable electricity has dropped from a 84.9% high in 2016, to 78% (June 10, MBIE Quarterly Energy Statistics) — an 8.5% decrease.


It’s a trend that could continue.

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Regulation gap while bill is on hold

June 04, 2021 Share

NATIONAL’S Food Safety spokesperson Barbara Kuriger is throwing her support behind Natural Health Products NZ (NHPNZ).

The industry body with more than 145 members represents 85% of the country’s natural health industries, manufacturers, suppliers and branded goods companies.

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Comments not helpful

June 03, 2021 Share

I posted a clip on my Facebook page after a climate change discussion on TVNZ’s Q&A, Sunday May 30.

The topic wasn’t the problem, but there was a comment by one panelist, Iwi Chairs Forum spokesperson Mike Smith, supporting reducing the nation’s herds, who referred to dairy farmers using terms of “selfishness” and “greed”, “producing products for an elite market in Europe”!

He also wants more than a 15% nationwide reduction. This kind of uninformed, totally out-of-touch view of our country’s agribusinesses and how they operate is staggering!

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