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Is this a healthier option?

May 10, 2021 Share

If you’re anything like me, you maybe reeling with the number of major announcements being made by the Government with no detail behind them.

The biggest of them was a total change to our health system on  21 April. While many may applaud the decision to create one health entity which will come in three parts:

  • Health NZ (to replace the DHB's)
  • A Maori health authority
  • Public health authority

The proclamation lacked how it’s going to work. Labour says their decision has been made due to treaty obligations. Yet what the Government has announced is very different to what was recommended by the NZ Health and Disability Review.

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MP backs mayor's call

April 23, 2021 Share

Taranaki-King Country MP Barbara Kuriger is backing New Plymouth’s mayor as delays to SH3 safety improvements between Waitara and the city continue.


On RNZ this morning Neil Holdom ‘joined the chorus of local body politicians bemoaning Waka Kotahi’s (NZ Transport Agency) commitment to delivering road safety projects’.


From 2011-2021 there have been 11 deaths and multiple serious injuries. Mrs Kuriger says National aired plans for a $40 million investment improve four to five sections of the SH3 stretch in 2015.


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Government must back New Zealand wool

April 23, 2021 Share

National is questioning whether today’s announcement of investment in Bremworth is enough when currently New Zealand wool growers are losing money every time they shear a sheep, National’s Agriculture spokesperson David Bennett says.

“During last year’s General Election, National spoke about the need for investment in the wool sector and about acting on the recommendations of the Wool Industry Project Action Group formed in 2018. While it is good to see some action towards this, there is plenty more to be done.

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Barbara Kuriger on why she's wearing 'rural business attire' in Parliament

April 23, 2021 Share

Taranaki-King Country MP Barbara Kuriger arrived at Parliament in rural business attire today to support young people pursuing agri careers.

Kuriger sported Red Band gumboots, overalls, a DairyNZ milking apron, a Te Kuiti shearing singlet and a Levno cap.

"It's a fun way of highlighting the everyday business attire of thousands of Kiwis as well as agri careers," Kuriger said.

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Energy and resources approach not doable

April 23, 2021 Share

IT was fitting in the lead-up to Easter that I joined energy industry leaders at a symposium in Wellington last week.

The Government’s current approach to place all its eggs in the ‘renewable only’ basket, when resources, technology and infrastructure aren’t available and won’t be for years, was the focus for many there.


In short, it’s just not doable, in the timeframes they want.


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Story offers no electrifying surprises

April 23, 2021 Share

Wednesday’s story by BusinessDesk that the Government has no hope of reaching its vehicle emissions 2025 carbon free target, is no surprise to National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.


“Since 2018, its agencies have had the lofty goal of reducing their fleet carbon emissions to zero by 2025, but the numbers in this story show the Government isn’t going to make it by a long way,” she says.

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Labour’s policy is leading to energy emergency

April 12, 2021 Share

POWER prices rising to two to three times the long-run average, is the latest sign New Zealand is rapidly facing an energy emergency says National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.

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Government jumping the gun on climate change plan

April 08, 2021 Share

The Government has jumped the gun by announcing a ban on new coal-fired boilers ahead of the independent Climate Change Commission announcing its emissions reduction plan.

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