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Let's measure what matters

September 12, 2022 Share

Governments tend to measure the ‘health’ of their country by their economic growth through GDP (gross domestic product).

GDP is the market value of the final goods and services we produce, minus the costs to make/export them, and after deducting what we’ve spent on imports from other countries — all in a specific time period.

New Zealand is considered to be a highly developed free market economy with a large GDP for our small population. In other words, wealthy, in comparison to many other countries.

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On a road to nowhere

September 12, 2022 Share

Tyre shops in my electorate are flat out these days thanks to the state of our roads.

Bent and buckled wheel rims from blown out tyres, have become part of the daily stock in trade for these businesses. Businesses that normally only see this kind of damage from customers once or twice a month.

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David Parker must delay winter grazing regulations

September 08, 2022 Share

The Government is about to pile up to $100 million of unnecessary compliance costs onto farmers because its freshwater regulations are more than a year overdue, National’s Agriculture spokespeople Barbara Kuriger and Joseph Mooney say.

“Under Environment Minister David Parker’s regulations, farmers must have a certified freshwater farm plan for winter grazing on sloping land. If they do not have a certified plan, they must obtain a resource consent,” Barbara Kuriger says.

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Why food and fibre has a strong future

August 31, 2022 Share

We all eat and that gives everyone a role to play in our food chain. While there are a series of environmental issues to solve, farmers and growers have made good progress over the years.

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Welfare that works warranted

August 22, 2022 Share

For practical people like me, numbers are comforting.

They can confirm either a problem, or a solution, depending on the context being applied.

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Starting our pasture to plate story

August 16, 2022 Share

Like many of you, I’m so over the uninformed knockers of primary industries.

People who are swayed by a headline, a social media post or a slick advertising campaign, without any in-depth knowledge of why sectors within it, operate the way they do.

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Science the key to our decisions

August 10, 2022 Share

“A set of principles shapes National’s primary sector decision-making,” says agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.

Fresh from last weekend’s annual conference, she says: “The sector is currently worth $52 billion to New Zealand and growing. It underpins our economy.

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Farmers, there’s plenty to celebrate

August 03, 2022 Share

“Despite Monday’s Federated Farmers Confidence Survey results, there are many positives for the agricultural and horticultural sectors right now,” says National’s Agriculture Spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.

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Barbara's Beat No. 14

August 01, 2022 Share


The possibility Foot and Mouth Disease could reach New Zealand looms as this newsletter goes together.
FMD is the highly contagious disease that affects cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. The only way to eradicate it is to destroy any affected animals.
If agencies charged with our biosecurity put one foot wrong, our agricultural sector would be decimated. So there can be no slip ups.

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Foot and Mouth would devastate New Zealand

July 26, 2022 Share

There can be no slip-ups in our actions to keep out Foot and Mouth Disease, which would have catastrophic impacts on the country, National’s Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

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