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“Today marks the start of International Drive Electric Week and I am thrilled to see Mystery Creek involved with nationwide celebrations,” says local MP Barbara Kuriger.

The international event begins this weekend and runs until 18 September and New Zealand set to host the most events outside of the United States.

“International Drive Electric Week will be the biggest ever celebration of electric vehicles in New Zealand, increasing from just a few events in 2015 to more than 50 events around the country this year. 

“Mystery Creek in Ohaupo is offering a seminar where people can learn about electric vehicles and the future of the technology involved. From 10am until 5pm on Friday 18 September, members of the community will have the opportunity to see an electric vehicle on display at Site 85 at Mystery Creek. 

“I encourage all those interested in the environment, in technology and the future of electric vehicles to visit Mystery Creek next Friday and see first-hand the benefits that electric vehicles bring. 

During the week, volunteers are supported by business, local government and member organisations to help spread the word and encourage New Zealanders to attend an event, test drive an EV and talk to an EV owner.

“The Government has set a target to double the number of EVs on New Zealand roads each year to reach 64,000 by 2021. In May we announced an ambitious and wide ranging package of measures to help achieve this target. 

“This includes extending the RUC exemption on light EVs which could save drivers up to $600 a year, a $6 million a year contestable fund to get innovative EV projects underway and working alongside businesses on procurement options for bulk purchasing EVs.

“We want to encourage New Zealanders to go electric because the benefits are far reaching. They’re cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles, they’re powered by our abundant renewable electricity supply, and they’ll reduce the amount of emissions that come from the country’s vehicle fleet.”

International Drive Electric Week events can be found at:

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