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A new online one-stop-shop for tourism data will help the Waitomo District take advantage of unprecedented growth in the tourism industry.

“Knowing where visitors come from and what they’re spending money on is going to be very useful to local businesses – both new and established.” Barbara Kuriger says.

“The New Zealand Tourism Dashboard will allow Waitomo businesses to see how we are doing locally, where visitors are staying, and what they are spending money on.

“Businesses will be able to see where jobs need to be created and where more product needs to be brought in – creating a flow on effect for other local suppliers.

“The data is extensive and very easy to use. It means businesses will be able to identify trends, target certain markets and ready themselves for visitors.

“Tourism is vital for the regions with over half of international expenditure outside the three main cities. Tourism now contributes $10.6 billion to the economy – 5 per cent of GDP.

“With over three million people visiting New Zealand in 2015, 10 per cent more than the year before, it is vital that businesses are well positioned to make the most of growth,” Barbara Kuriger says.   

“In the 2015-16 period, sustained work by Local Councils and their Regional Tourism Organisations has borne fruit with significant increases in both the number of tourists and their spend. Given the many factors feeding into this uplift, the Tourism Dashboard will assist operators to better understand what is happening in the market and then optimise their responses. We’re delighted that MP Barbara Kuriger has supported the realisation of this exciting new business tool,” says CEO of Waitomo Adventures Ltd, Nick Andreef.

The New Zealand Tourism Dashboard can be found here:

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