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Local MP Barbara Kuriger says our next generation need to be able to work in different cultural environments and communicate in different languages as our international and trading links grow – particularly within the Asia-Pacific region.

“The first Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia for 2015 have now been awarded and I’m thrilled to see Te Awamutu local Jonathan Adams receive a scholarship which will take him to Japan,” Barbara Kuriger said.

“This trip will enhance the hard work he is already doing towards his programme of study Exchange – Japanese Language and Cultural Studies at The University of Waikato.

“These scholarships will go a long way to supporting a future of international marketers, traders, diplomats, and entrepreneurs.

“We are a trading nation, so it’s important our future workforce have the opportunity to understand some of our most important trading partners while they are studying. A skilled workforce is the engine-room of a thriving economy,” Barbara Kuriger said.

The scholarships this round will take the recipients to China, Japan, India, Korea, Thailand, or Indonesia.

Applications are now open for the next round of scholarships and close on 30 September 2015. Applications can be made by individuals or groups to Education New Zealand. For more information go to

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