Taxpayers funding anti-dairying messages

“Some days it’s difficult to comprehend what I see in the news,” says National Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger.


“Unbelievably, and thanks to Louis Houlbrooke of The Taxpayers Union and Scoop Independent News, I learnt on Monday taxpayers have funded the anti-dairy documentary ‘Milked’ to the tune of $48,000 — a ‘finishing grant’ given by the New Zealand Film Commission.


“Houlbrooke said in the story the 40,000 Kiwis employed in the dairy sector wouldn’t be happy to know they’ve funded a film that attacks their livelihoods.


“I can tell you right now, as a farmer and MP for a huge rural electorate, we are not! It is a real slap in the face to a sector which brings in 80% of the country’s export revenue.


“He also said: The film is explicitly political with constant shots of the Beehive in the trailer, and features contributions from Greenpeace, SAFE and the Green Party. The film appears to be part of a wider anti-dairy campaign — the promoters have erected billboards attacking the dairy sector.


“Meeting generic criteria without proper scrutiny is not enough. Kiwis need to know that they are funding works which contain political messaging and propaganda designed specifically to move public opinion in one direction.


“And it needs to stop now!”