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Local communities, through their local councils, will get the chance to decide whether retailers can open on Easter Sunday under a proposed law change announced Monday 24 August.

“The law as it stands now is fairly complex and dated. Some shops selling certain goods are allowed to stay open on Easter Sunday, whereas others aren’t,” Barbara Kuriger says.

“The status quo also means some regions have advantages over others due to several historic exemptions, so it’s about time the playing field was levelled up.

“Through the local councils, Taranaki-King Country will get the chance to choose whether or not trading on Easter Sunday will be allowed.

“Additionally, workers who would rather not work on Easter Sunday won’t have to, and they won’t have to give a reason for that.

“By changing the law, we’re continuing to recognise the significance of Easter Sunday and the importance of workers continuing to take the day off if they’d like to, as well as making a sensible change to bring things up to speed,“ Kuriger says.

A Bill is expected to be introduced to Parliament in the coming weeks enabling Territorial Authorities to make bylaws to allow for trading on Easter Sunday, beginning 2017.

Good Friday, ANZAC Day and Christmas Day are unaffected and will remain subject to trading restrictions.

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