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Thanks to a new cell tower in Maihiihi, Taranaki-King Country mobile reception has received a welcome expansion.

Spark and Vodafone, who won the auction of the 700 MHz band of radio spectrum in 2014, are required to build new towers in rural areas in the first five years following the purchase.

Now operational at Maihiihi, the new tower is a real asset to TKC, says local MP Barbara Kuriger.

“Locals living and working in TKC now have high-speed mobile coverage in locations where previously there was no coverage,” Mrs Kuriger says.

“This extended coverage is vital for emergency services and is beneficial to connectivity all-round.

“The Maihiihi Spark tower is an important milestone in the Government’s improvement of internet services for individual users, schools, hospitals and businesses – Kiwis seek to make the most of what’s on offer in the digital economy.”

80 per cent of New Zealanders now have access to 4G, or fourth generation, high speed mobile data services. The Government expects that number to reach 90 per cent by 2019.

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