Rural NZ urged to take the lead

National Agriculture spokesperson Barbara Kuriger is urging rural Kiwis to get out and get vaccinated, if they haven’t already, on Saturday.


“Many of our rural industry sectors have been devastated by the challenges of COVID-19, especially tourism and hospitality, and there is no end in sight,” she says.

“Farmers and their teams have been busy doing their own thing, but we’re at the end of calving and lambing. Now is the time for them to ensure that they and their families, as well as their staff, are protected.”


She understands the fears people may have.


“If you don’t trust government messaging or information you can access online, talk to your own doctor or medical centre teams. Anyone you trust in the health arena. At least then you can make an informed decision.”


And she is urging rural communities not to be complacent.


“Many farmers don’t come forward, or stop work when they are unwell, as they’re worried about who will run their farm.


“We’ve seen with Delta that the minute someone gets it in a community it can spread like wildfire. Kāwhia is one of my electorate’s most isolated areas, yet Delta found its way there. Just as it did in Raglan where panicked locals were trying to get tested and vaccinated.


“Don’t be those people. Vaccination is the best way to protect your businesses, families and teams and Super Saturday, October 16, is a great opportunity.


“I want to encourage everyone to find an event near you and get the ball rolling for you and yours. It’s the only chance we have at the moment, to get our lives back again.”