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Taranaki’s three National MPs are pleased at the announcement that the $24 million Project Mounga has been given the go ahead.

“Project Taranaki Mounga has the potential to change the face of conservation in Taranaki”, says Wanganui MP Chester Borrows

“Further investment in pest control will enable the reintroduction of native species and bolster existing populations of rare birds, animals and plants on Mt Taranaki,” said Jonathan Young, MP for New Plymouth.

A joint venture between the NEXT Foundation, DOC, iwi, and the Taranaki community, the project has ambitious goals to positively benefit local tourism, wildlife and conservation.

“Top priorities of this project include pest control and ecological restoration,” says Taranaki-King Country MP Barbara Kuriger.

“It includes a plan to completely remove goats from the 34,000 hectare Egmont National Park. If we can achieve that, Egmont would become the first national park to be free of ungulates, as pigs and deer have already been removed”, said Kuriger.

 “Alongside the change this project brings to conservation in the National Park, it is significantly important for our regional tourism” says New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young.

“Where pests are out of the picture and there is repopulation of native wildlife and birds, we have the potential in seeing Taranaki Mounga and our National Park become a world renowned nature attraction.”

“This is an ambitious goal, and with this significant investment from the NEXT Foundation, we will see Taranaki become a leader in conservation and a growing destination for tourism.” Young says.

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