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Barbara Kuriger, MP for Taranaki-King Country, NZ Young Farmer Alumni and former Board member is delighted to hear that TeenAg, an agricultural youth programme run by New Zealand Young Farmers, will receive $146,000 of support under a new partnership.

“TeenAg is a youth programme that aims to promote a positive picture of agriculture. This is a vital industry in Taranaki - King Country and across the country, so it’s important we raise awareness of agricultural careers from an early age,” Barbara Kuriger says.

“TeenAg consists of two core elements. TeenAg Clubs provide the opportunity to learn about agriculture, and develop leadership and broader life skills. TeenAg Competitions challenge competitors outside of their comfort zones to build character and leadership capabilities.

“The Government is contributing $50,000 towards the programme, alongside $96,000 cash and in-kind support from partners including Red Meat Profit Partnership, DairyNZ, Lincoln University and Northfuels/Southfuels.

“The funding will enable and support around 500 more young people across New Zealand to participate in the programme.

“This is a great opportunity to encourage young people to engage in youth development programmes, especially in such a pivotal sector, such as agriculture. This is not only an excellent way to get youths involved in our local communities and gain access to mentors, but also creates the potential for economic growth too.

“The Government is co-investing with business, philanthropic, iwi and other partners to continue to grow youth development opportunities. We are committed to providing programmes that give young people a great range of skills and experience to put them on the path to success. This in turn will help build a more competitive and productive economy, which will enable New Zealanders to flourish” Barbara Kuriger says.

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