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National’s six-point regional plan released this week shows our commitment to work with regional communities to grow jobs and incomes and tackle challenges, says Barbara Kuriger, National MP and candidate for Taranaki-King Country.

“Our plan to keep New Zealand moving forward clearly illustrates the contrast with Labour which doesn’t have a plan and will impose new taxes, which will stall our economy and punish hardworking New Zealanders,” says Kuriger.

“The primary sector is the backbone of our economy and National backs the hard-work and commitment of our farmers and growers.

“National’s plan for regional New Zealand is about raising family incomes and delivering more jobs, building the infrastructure to support growth in our regions and helping regional businesses to grow. It is about getting government finances in order, investing even more in world-class public services for regional New Zealand and we won’t impose new taxes which will take New Zealand backwards.

“Labour on the other hand wants to hit our regions with new taxes that would slow New Zealand down – a capital gains tax, a water tax, a land tax, a regional fuel tax and an inheritance tax as well as adding farmers to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“I am a passionate advocate for all those in our rural and provincial New Zealand communities, and I am absolutely committed to seeing our provinces thrive. Better and faster broadband connections, rural policing, primary healthcare close to home, and advancing strong trade agreements will all help our regions succeed, and it is National that is committed to doing this.

“New Zealanders now have a clear choice between two very different visions for New Zealand this election.

“National will work with regional New Zealand and with farmers and growers, and we will back them to succeed,” says Kuriger.

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