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The end of any year is always a good time for reflection as we look back at the highs and sometimes lows of the past twelve months. Occasions that we have celebrated and for some of us sadness as we remember those dear loved ones that we have lost.

I have experienced my own incredible journey this year which started by being selected by the National Party to be their new candidate for Taranaki-King Country. This was an incredible honour and I hit the ground running.

My husband Louis and I achieved our goal to meet as many people, and experience this wonderful electorate of ours in 100 days before the General Election and so we did.

Taranaki-King Country is truly a beautiful part of New Zealand and so are the people that live among it. I was deeply heartened by the incredible generosity and support of all those that I met on the campaign and the respect that was shown towards me by people regardless of their political affiliations. After my successful election as the MP for Taranaki-King Country I was amazed at the letters, email posts and phone calls of congratulations. I sincerely thank you and cannot put into words how privileged I feel to be chosen as your elected representative.

I am thrilled to see the business innovation and growth that spans right across the electorate. I have visited many businesses and it is great to witness firsthand the excitement and passion of those involved from all staff in their individual roles. Some businesses recently have celebrated key milestones which I have had the pleasure of attending.

Rural Electorates make for strong communities and many of us are raised with a sense that we all look out and after each other. There is a tremendous group of volunteers offering differing skills among us in Taranaki-King Country, from Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers right across to the ladies and gentleman giving advice at Citizen Advise Bureaus, parents offering support at their local school or the handyman who lives next door. These generous people quietly give up their free time for little or no recognition and I wish to thank them all for their wonderful support.

This will be time for many to catch up with family and friends, some to take a nice holiday or just relax at home. Whatever you may be doing I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2015.

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