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Local MP Barbara Kuriger says it’s important for our next generation to be able to communicate and work in different languages as our international and trading links grow – particularly within the Asia-Pacific region.

“Marco School will be part of the Virtual Learning Network Primary group of 11 schools across the country who have been given a total of $449,743 to enable more classes in Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin as part of the Asian Language Learning in Schools fund,” Barbara Kuriger said.

“Our local school is among 22 groups of 129 schools which have received funding from the first round of the $10 million contestable fund over three years.  The aim of the fund is to increase the provision of Asian languages in our schools.

“It’s great to see our local schools will be working together to enhance the way their students learn and develop their language skills.

“We are a trading nation, so it’s important our future workforce have the opportunity to learn another language and understand another culture.

“There are also strong cognitive benefits to learning a second language,” Kuriger said.

The programmes will begin next year.  Applications for the second funding round are now open, schools have until 25 September to register their interest.

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