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National MP and candidate Barbara Kuriger is calling on Labour's Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson to rule out a regional fuel tax hike for King Country and Taranaki communities.

"I know that the communities of Taranaki and King Country don’t want to fork out 10 cents more at the pump to pay for Labour’s transport policies,” Mrs Kuriger says. 

"Labour has promised regional fuel taxes to fund its pet projects in Auckland, which is alarming locals who fear they’ll be next in line to pay more at the pump.

"I’m calling on Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson to rule out a regional fuel tax hike for the rural and provincial communities throughout the Taranaki-King Country electorate,” she added. 

"Inglewood, Horotiu, Te Kuiti and every community in between are right to fear Labour’s un-costed transport policies because it’s the families in these areas who would be hit in the pocket.

"Regional taxes impose significant compliance costs to businesses and road users, and would result in much higher fuel prices for all motorists throughout Taranaki-King Country. Labour’s expectation that regions such as ours should cough up more money to fund Auckland’s transport costs is a slap in the face.

“National has invested heavily in transport throughout the Taranaki-King Country, including projecst like the State Highway 3 and 37 improvements, and is committed to sorting out roading issues without sneaky price hikes at the pump. 

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