Government should explore retaining Marsden Point

A National Government would look to future proof Marsden Point for the benefit of all New Zealanders, National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

“National sees Marsden Point as a strategic asset for New Zealand’s energy security. We would be exploring ways to keep the refinery in a state where it can be turned back on in the future, such as in the case of a global disruption.

“Many of the strategic reasons Marsden Point was built initially for remain today.

“This was New Zealand’s only refinery. It seems an unnecessarily risky move from the Government to let it close without exploring other options.

“Labour has upended New Zealand’s energy security and created an avalanche of uncertainty. From a rushed oil and gas ban to the proposal for a pumped hydro scheme, Labour is undermining investment and creating uncertainty in the energy sector.

“Marsden Point closing its oil refinery is the latest in a number of businesses, big and small, across industries, shutting up shop, such as Methanex Waitara Valley, Kawerau timber mill, Whangarei timber mill.

“For Northland it’s another kick in the guts for the local economy, with 300 families bearing the brunt of Labour’s poor policies as jobs are lost. This comes off the back of the Whangarei timber mill closing, costing a further 111 jobs.

“The National Party sees Marsden Point as a strategic asset that should be future proofed.”