Government must back New Zealand wool

National is questioning whether today’s announcement of investment in Bremworth is enough when currently New Zealand wool growers are losing money every time they shear a sheep, National’s Agriculture spokesperson David Bennett says.

“During last year’s General Election, National spoke about the need for investment in the wool sector and about acting on the recommendations of the Wool Industry Project Action Group formed in 2018. While it is good to see some action towards this, there is plenty more to be done.

“Recently, a petition was delivered to Parliament requesting the Government consider installing wool carpet and insulation in all its buildings. We look forward to seeing the government show the industry support by backing the high-quality sustainable wool produced by New Zealanders.

National’s Energy & Resource spokesperson Barbara Kuriger agrees saying she hopes wool insulation and carpets will become a compulsory product to be used in all government buildings, and in any government housing builds.

“Not only is it the best thing to keep our homes and buildings warm, it is also fire retardant, and a local product, so we don’t need to wait on a ship to deliver it.


“The National Party encourages the Minister to continue supporting wool initiatives and release a comprehensive plan in conjunction with the Wool Industry Project Action Group so that more initiatives like the Bremworth example are supported.”