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Day begins the right way with KickStart Breakfast

Breakfast is served for students at 38 schools in the Taranaki district as the KickStart Breakfast programme helps to give students the best start to their day, identify local Taranaki MPs.

More than 28,000 students in 913 schools are receiving nutritious morning meals through the programme.

“There’s no better way for kids to be ready to learn than with a healthy breakfast to kick off their day at school,” said Jonathan Young.

“I visited Marfell School in New Plymouth when the KickStart programme was first launched, and have been encouraged ever since with the impacts of the KickStart programme.

“Students from schools in New Plymouth and wider Taranaki are greatly encouraged by the KickStart programme. It is superb to see such large community support for the programme in our volunteers at the breakfast clubs, as well as the support of Fonterra and Sanitarium who contribute each day with the programme,” said Young.

The programme is not just restricted to lower decile schools. Around 126,000 breakfasts are currently served every week in decile 1 to 10 primary and secondary schools. 85 per cent of schools in the KickStart programme are providing breakfast more than twice a week.

“The community stands in that gap created when people simply cannot cope. Children don’t get to choose what’s on the menu, nor do they have anything to do with the family’s spending priorities. Kids cannot learn on an empty stomach, and KickStart makes sure that children are fed and ready to learn,” said Chester Borrows.

“KickStart certainly lives up to its name, as behaviour and energy levels improve as a result of the programme.

“Children can switch on straight away when teaching begins, and keeping their focus through the day becomes easier since they are not feeling hungry,” said Borrows.

More than eight million breakfasts have been served since the programme was expanded in 2013, with the Government investing $9.5 million over five years.

“We're continuing to get overwhelmingly positive feedback from schools, students, and families about the success of the KickStart Breakfast programme. This includes schools who've been with the programme since it started and also those who came in the first school term of this year,” said Barbara Kuriger.

“It’s important that the students in our schools are set up for their day of learning, and the KickStart programme assists mightily in this. The health and wellbeing of our students is vital, and the KickStart programme encourages students to think about what they need to have a successful day at school.

“The Government backs the health and wellbeing of those in our communities in Taranaki and this programme helps ensure our kids get the best possible start to their day,” Kuriger said.

The Government, through the Ministry of Social Development, is joined by Fonterra and Sanitarium in the scheme, along with the volunteers who run the breakfast clubs. The school incurs no costs, as the milk, Weetbix and delivery costs are funded by the three-pronged partnership.

Schools that wish to join the programme can register on the KickStart Breakfast website:

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