Common-sense prevails over grazing rules

Just days into her new role as National’s Agriculture spokesperson, Barbara Kuriger is pleased to see common-sense is prevailing in Southland.

The Government’s proposed intensive winter grazing (IWG) rules for Southland, were due to come into effect in May, but were deferred in March for one year, after the farming sector deemed them ‘unworkable’.


Last Thursday, the Government announced it’s now going to adopt almost all the changes put forward by the Southland Winter Grazing Advisory Group — which is made up of ag sector representatives.


A consultation document was also released and is now open for feedback on the Ministry for the Environment website. Submissions close on October 7.


“Farmers are the first people to want to improve on what they’re doing. But when the Government wants to bring in rules that don’t work, why would they have agreed with them,” says Mrs Kuriger.


“Fortunately, ag sector reps have given the Government more level-headed suggestions, and they’ve listened this time.


“But the Environment Minister and the Agriculture Minister really need to brush up on their understanding of how farming works before writing regulations that aren’t feasible,” she says.


“There is nothing like learning from one’s mistakes, but not at the expense of Rural New Zealand. We’re far too busy for that.”