Build a roundabout at the Whatawhata State Highway Intersection

The SH23 and SH39 intersection is not safe and is not fit for purpose.

With users more than 4x more likely to crash on the intersection than any other part of the Hamilton to Raglan SH23 and on SH39 from Te Kowhai to Otorohanga, funding to improve the intersection should be a priority of making the highways safer.

Poor intersection design is the cause of the accidents and the problem that needs to be addressed. Reducing speed reduces the harm, but ignores the crux of the problem. Since the intersection was designed more than 20 years ago, the number of road users has increased, the type of vehicles using the intersection has changed and the road rules for giving way have changed. The intersection layout is a dangerous health and safety timebomb, presenting multiple hazards to users. It is only a matter of time before a fatality occurs.

Users of the intersection implore improvements to make the intersection safer, preventing a fatality rather than a reactive response to a death.

NZTA already own the surrounding land and with funding allocated could build a roundabout that prevents further harm and death.

As the gateway to Raglan and a main tourist and haulage route south this is more than just a local problem!

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