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The Government is investing in three new projects to help boost tourism in the regions and one of them is in our patch, says Local MP Barbara Kuriger.

“I’ve recently cycled the Timber Trail track with my husband Louis, and I’m delighted the Government is investing $1.2 million in Timber Trail Adventures Limited to develop an 80-bed lodge at the halfway point at Piropiro,” Barbara Kuriger said.

“We want to attract more visitors to Taranaki-King Country, and projects like this one will help us do just that.  It means more money and jobs into our local economy.

“The New Zealand Cycle Trail has already been extremely successful in helping attract high-value visitors, getting them to stay longer and encouraging flows of visitors into the regions.

“In January 2015, 125,000 people used the New Zealand Cycle Trail, compared to 97,000 in January 2014.

“National knows tourism is a significant part of our national and regional economies,” Barbara Kuriger said.

Under the Tourism Growth Partnership, the National-led Government is investing $8 million a year to support innovative projects that will create new opportunities in the tourism sector.

“The partnership is a government initiative aimed at overcoming the constraints to growing tourism in New Zealand to increase the value it brings us. The Government has now invested $14.6 million in 22 projects, adding this to the applicants’ contributions of $44.3 million, that’s a total $59 million investment into the tourism industry,” said Kuriger.

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